Crew Service


Here at FLOW we like to find ways to support one another. The Mentor Program is our fledgling experiment, whereby we would like to help you, help each other!

If you are an experienced Interior Crew member or have a specific skillset to offer, and would be happy to share your knowledge with another member of the FLOW network, you can use this page to register your interest.

It is up to you what this support looks like – Perhaps you will give 30 minutes of your time to allow an entry-level candidate to pick your brains, or share your top floristry tips with the less green-fingered, or help a new Chief Stew with provisioning contacts or demystify wine storage. Whatever you feel equipped and inspired to share…what do you get out of it? This is a voluntary program – you will be helping someone to flourish and helping to create a supportive network that one day you might find useful too!

(Please note: We are taking this opportunity to connect Interior crew who could help each other to develop professionally. This is a voluntary program and we are not responsible for any advice given – or for arranging by what means and how often advice will be shared. We will simply connect you to the candidate in accordance to the information you provide.)

Please use the form below to register your interest in being a Mentor. You must be registered with us to offer your support….thank you so much.